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It seems only fitting that the first blog post should be an introduction to Most of this post is from our about us page, but let me just add this; the take away from this post should be your understanding our sincere desire to change the culture for the better. Also, that this is more of a calling, than a business opportunity. My name is Nick France, I have a small design firm and the truth is, I could have selected any type of shirt design to build a company around, and certainly one less controversial than Christianity — which would be a less difficult road to go down. But I’m not interested in easy. I’m interested in doing something great. Something that changes the world around us for the Glory of God. Honestly, I could sure use your help.

And now our introduction is first and foremost, a company seeking to change the culture and spread the Gospel, one shirt at a time.

As we observe the world around us, especially where teens and young adults are concerned, we’re saddened by the messages they are bombarded with on a daily basis. Be it television, the internet, music, movies, or even popular T-shirt designs, most, not all, but most of the messages are counter to the message of love rooted in the Christian faith. Most are downright nasty, lewd, and damaging to our culture.

IntroductionWe aim to change all that. By providing positive Christian messaging through stylishly designed T-shirts and other fashionable accessories, we aim to foster a new counter-culture based upon biblical values that are cool and fresh.

It doesn’t start and end with fashion and we know it, but that is the core of our business. We also offer fresh and interesting content that we hope moves and touches your heart, or gets you thinking about a situation going on around the world effecting our culture or faith. Perhaps you’ll learn or discover something through our content that strengthens your faith.

Love the Creator, love His creation

From the very beginning, even when was only a concept, we always perceived it as a company in love with the Creator and His creation. We planned and built the company upon the notion that looking after the planet and doing everything we possibly could to be a sustainable company was a top priority – using eco-friendly fabrics and inks was a forgone conclusion.

To respect and replenish His creation and restore the environment, we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future and proudly plant a tree with every order. Trees for the Future is dedicated to planting trees with rural communities in the developing world, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future.

Look good, feel good, do good

By purchasing apparel from you’re not only getting stylish designs to make you look good, you’ll also feel good in comfortable eco-friendly fabric, and do good by helping to change the culture and His creation, our planet and our future.

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