Catholic playlist 51

The Catholic Playlist show is a one hour radio show AND on demand podcast show playing great Christian music from a variety of Catholic artists.

There are a LOT more Catholic artists out there making and performing great music. The artists LOVE the show because it gives them more exposure to an audience they are trying to reach and energize, namely Catholics. They are pretty much shut out of the Christian radio market because nobody will play them.

The Catholic Playlist show features many styles and genres of music popular with today’s adults ages 18 and up. Some of the artists featured on the Catholic Playlist include Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, Josh Blakesley, Jacob & Matthew Band, Jackie Francois, Tori Harris, Ike Ndolo, Steve Angrisano, Sarah Kroger and many, many more. Many episodes feature a new artist or promote new releases.

Playlist 51

This playlist has a stellar lineup performers, starting with new song selections from Cooper Ray and Lee Roessler. Other performers include New Name, Katy Blythe, Josh Blakesley, Audrey Assad, and Chris Bray to name a few.


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