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We’re pleased to present featured Artist, Scarlet Raven. Coming together in early 2013, Scarlet Raven is a hard rock band with a positive christian message hailing from northern Indiana.

Scarlet RavenScarlet Raven’s sheer energy and powerful sound give the audience a performance they will never forget. Vocalist Brandon Trlak’s powerful voice and the band’s rushing energy in the guitars simply draws the listener in and immediately hooks them.Through a powerhouse of original songs, personal testimonies, and engaging worship, the group delivers the message in a way that leaves the listener to understand the desperate need for a savior.

The band includes lead singer and founding member of the band, Brandon Trlak. With his raw and powerful voice, Brandon engages the audience in a way that is unforgettable. With his personal testimony of his scarred past, it is his hope that he could lead every listener to Jesus Christ. Caitlin Trlak, wife of lead singer, is the bassist and a vocalist in the band. With her hard hitting bass riffs and powerful vocals, she brings a strong passionate drive to the ministries call.

The bands lead guitarist, Matthew Butler, makes his guitar sing to soaring levels. With raw emotion, driven talent, and an unstoppable faith, Matthew is a powerhouse in the ministry. Rhythm guitarist, Archie Brady, brings his hardcore and in the pocket rhythms to the band. As one of the newest members of Scarlet Raven, he has brought new life and new sound to the band. Newcomer, Edward Bell, is the band’s keyboardist. He draws in the spirit with his powerful worship and deep love for his savior through his ability of playing the piano.

Scarlet Raven promises to bring an unforgettable and life changing show every time they take the stage.


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