Artist of the Week – John Tibbs

On John’s website it says he want’s to change the world. That’s a bold statement and that’s exactly what initially attracted us to John’s music and ministry. It aligns with our mission and ministry – to change the world by changing the culture. So featuring John’s music was a natural fit for us. He tours the country sharing his music connecting with audiences when he’s not being the worship leader at Madison Park Church in Anderson, Indiana.

John Tibbs sings about stories of hope. ” In the separation between Heaven and earth, it is easy to forget who Jesus is. That God is alive and active – that He is faithful and just. These songs were created out a place of remembering God’s faithfulness.” says Tibbs.

He recently signed with a new label, Fair Trade Services. This is a new beginning of sorts for John Tibbs, recently opening for past Artist of the Week, Royal Tailor, we’re looking forward to all the exciting things God has in store for him. If you haven’t checked out his music before, please do, or if you’re a big fan, like we are, visit him online and learn more.

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