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Jaime Thietten – Featured Artist

Jaime Thietten

We’re pleased to present our featured artist, Jaime Thietten. Ultimately, the most endearing aspect of Jaime Thietten (pronounced Teet’n) is not so much about what she’s accomplished or her powerful soaring vocal abilities, but more about her heart and soul, her exuberant love of life and her passion for the world around her. Continue reading Jaime Thietten – Featured Artist

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Teresa Peterson – Featured Artist

Teresa Peterson

Our featured artist, Teresa Peterson, is a Philadelphia singer/songwriter/worship leader. She’s recognized for combining heartfelt lyrics and a stunning, yet vulnerable voice. Stepping into the spotlight at the young age of 16, Teresa Peterson’s musical journey has taken her far from home, to famous singer/songwriter venues such as 3rd and Lindsley (Nashville, TN) and The Bitter End (New York City, NY). Continue reading Teresa Peterson – Featured Artist

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Fr. Pontifex – Featured Artist

Fr. Pontifex

Our featured artist is Fr. Calude “Dusty” Burns, AKA Fr. Pontifex, from the world of Catholic hip-hop, a Catholic Priest, Rapper and Urban Poet. In 2012 he felt compelled to respond to Christian evangelist Jefferson Bethke’s spoken word video, Why I Love Jesus, but Hate Religion, which was getting YouTube hits in the millions. He teamed up with Spirit Juice Studios of Chicago to produce, Why I Love Religion and Love Jesus. loves, and has promoted, this spoken word video in the past on Social Media and are proud to feature Fr. Pontifex as an artist in this forum. Continue reading Fr. Pontifex – Featured Artist

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Audrey Assad – Featured Artist

Audrey Assad

Although not new to the Christian music scene, Catholic musical artist Audrey Assad is our new featured artist, and we’re pleased to present her music to those not familiar with her work and fans alike. We love her sound and her spirit and love for the Lord. Continue reading Audrey Assad – Featured Artist

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The Project – Featured Artist

The Project

Our newest featured artist is The Project. Michael Glen Bell & Duane W.H. Arnold, who both recently entered the Church, form the nucleus of The Project. Their first album is called “Martyrs Prayers”, which they say “is an extraordinary endeavor born out of love – love for the Church, love for music and, perhaps most importantly, love for friends.” The album contains songs that honor those who, through the centuries, gave their very lives for their faith, their freedoms, their communities and their friends. Continue reading The Project – Featured Artist

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Artist of the Week – John Tibbs


On John’s website it says he want’s to change the world. That’s a bold statement and that’s exactly what initially attracted us to John’s music and ministry. It aligns with our mission and ministry – to change the world by changing the culture. So featuring John’s music was a natural fit for us. He tours the country sharing his music connecting with audiences when he’s not being the worship leader at Madison Park Church in Anderson, Indiana. Continue reading Artist of the Week – John Tibbs

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Sing a new song to The Lord


I love to sing. I’m a proud American of Italian decent so why wouldn’t I?

Years ago, I used to sing for a living but these days I do my singing in the shower, the car, and at Sunday Mass. I seem to be the loudest in my area each week and sometimes I get the look of embarrassment from my kids. They give me that stare like, “must you?” Well, in order for me to sing properly, I have to give it a little oomph. Continue reading Sing a new song to The Lord